Smart Vehicle Repair | About
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The Smart Vehicle Repair story began as a labour of love. Danny’s obsession with attention to detail and everything car related over the past fifteen years have helped create his hobby and passion into a well known professional service. By enhancing and modifying his cars it wasn’t long before it was starting to get noticed by car enthusiasts, owners and businesses.

Having created ‘SVR’ from very humble beginnings, Danny’s promise is to remain passionate and professional. We take extreme pride in providing the absolute best Mobile Smart Repair Service at a location selected by you.

Our expert knowledge acquired throughout the years will help you further choose which direction to take when working on your vehicle, all in the while providing you with a high end bespoke service that suits your needs. Every repair is completed whole heartedly to a very high standard with your satisfaction as our utmost priority.


  • Provide a quick and convenient service to all our customers
  • Never compromise on the attention to detail on every repair

Alongside our specialised services, we have exclusively created and are continuously expanding on our premium industry based products. From quick detailing to tyre shine, our trusted and high end range was created for every one to use effortlessly and affordably.

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