Paint Correction
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We at Smart Vehicle Repair believe that paintwork correction is a very important investment on your vehicle. A vehicle can accumulate numerous particles over time that damage the paintwork. Contamination like oxidisation, dust, rain, tree sap, bugs, bird droppings, water, sun, poor valeting/polishing techniques and more are extremely harmful to the paint finish. Smart Vehicle Repair’s paint correction service removes all contamination from the surface using the latest equipment and various methods.

An excellent finish requires a high degree of skill and concentration. Done professionally, it can transform the look of a vehicle by dealing with swirl marks, random deep marring, deep scratching, water/acid etching, buffer marks, key marks and more. Finished with an after wax application that leaves microscopic layers of sealant to provide a long lasting deep shine that protects your paint. The result is an amazing gloss, slickness and depth of reflection to the vehicle.


We take pride in going to extreme lengths to ensure the colour on each vehicle is matched correctly. Which is why we always mix paint for each vehicle on site using our paint mixing system, high quality paint and professional experience.

All of the products we use are the best in the industry and are approved by vehicle manufacturer’s. We ensure an accurate colour match by using new generation water based paint, which is not only good for the environment but also gives the perfect finish.


We strongly believe that preparation is key in order to achieve the best possible results. Paintwork rectification is completed by us when a vehicle has had poor previous repairs, has faded over time or to remove contaminates that have accumulated. We always advise paintwork rectification prior to detailing to achieve the best possible results. Which is why all of our detailing packages include this important stage.

We use specialised products to safely remove all traces of surface contaminates, embedded contaminates and deeper scratches. This is done through various stages and processes, dependent on each vehicle requirements, leaving the vehicle rejuvenated with a deep rich gloss.